Sport Without Borders

About us

“Sports Without Borders” Foundation is established with Foundation act from Viktoria Slavkova in 2011.

The foundation is ruled by Management Board:

Mrs. Viktoria Slavkova - chairperson
Mr. Hristo Stoichkov - member
Mrs. Velika Kamburova - member
Mr. Krasen Kralev - member

The Foundation is a non-profit organization, independent in its actions by political bias and can not be related with political interests, such as organizing political campaigns.

“Sports Without Borders” Foundation carry out public benefit activities for development and strengthening of sport, education, science, culture, etc. Also, “Sports Without Borders” Foundation strengthens the role of sport in education and training, promote equality and tolerance among all sports, help to strengthen public health through physical activity, using sport potential for social inclusion, integration and equal opportunities, work to bolster preventive measures and the fight against racism and violence at sports events, etc.

Aims of the "Sports Without Borders" Foundation:

  • To encourage discussions on specific problems related to sport;

  • To draws the attention of society to the needs and specificity of this sector;

  • To represent citizens in front of society and the state by introducing their opinion and protecting their interests and rights;

  • To work for building up sport infrastructure accessible to citizens and to organize effective dialog and collaboration between concerned citizens and civil groups, business, media and institutions with the goal to optimize existing sport objects;

  • To strengthen the role of sport in education and training and to make popular sport as more accessible, healthier and more interesting manner of living;

  • To assist gaining in public health through physical activity;

  • To use sport potential for social inclusion, integration and equal potentialities;

  • To work for strengthening preventive measures and fight against racialism and violence during sport activities;

  • To assists sport organizations from different kinds of sport and to unite them in different activities;

  • To support and promote philanthropy and charity tradition in Bulgaria;

  • To cooperate with state and municipal authorities, local and foreign organizations to develop projects for achieving the aims of the Foundation;

  • To support and cooperate with other organizations having the same aims;

To achieve its aims "Sports Without Borders" perform the following economic activities:

  • Publishes information materials in accordance with the organization’s aims;

  • Organizes actions and campaigns for making sport popular within the framework of the law and under the order established by the law;

  • Organizes trainings, discussions and working meetings, forums for introducing and uniting of society and institutions responsible for settling the problems of mass sport;

  • Conducts studies, analyses and consultations for and exercising good practices all over the world related to mass sport and its stable development;

  • Collaborates with all non-government organizations and institutions with similar ideas, including international organizations.

Partners to the Foundation:

  • Sports clubs;

  • Sports federation;

  • NGO’s;

  • Institution;

  • International organizations