Sport Without Borders

History of sport

History of athletics

Athletic contests in running, walking, jumping, and throwing are among the oldest of all sports and their roots are prehistoric.

History of golf

For centuries golf was played by individuals wealthy enough to afford both the expensive materials and access to the desirable places to play away from commoners.

History of Tennis: Early Years

The history of tennis dates back several thousand years.

History of Soccer

The history of Soccer or football takes it origins back over 3000 years.

Women's sport history

Women's competition in sports has been frowned upon by many societies in the past.

Development of modern sport

The influence of British sports and their codified rules began to spread across the world in the late 19th and early 20th century, particularly association football.

First Winter Olympics

In the early years of the Olympic games, there were only Summer Games held, with the occasional winter sport thrown in for good measure.

History of the Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympic Games are not historically documented until 776 BC, but it is widely accepted that they had been in practice from as early as the 13th century BC

Birth of the Ancient Olympics

The Olympics began in Ancient Greece as religious ceremonies. The first records of the Olympics date back to 776 B.C., when the games lasted only one day.